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How do I dispose of old air conditioning units?

‌‌There comes a point where every air conditioning unit reaches the end of its lifespan and its essential all equipment is disposed of correctly as they all contain hazardous elements. 

What Climate offer a recycling and disposal service giving you peace of mind you are complying with all current legislation. 

Removal of F GAS, reclaiming and recycling

There are rules on recovering fluorinated gas (F GAS) equipment and what you have to do to get it reclaimed or recycled. 

You need to be a registered waste carrier and it needs to be done by a technician with all appropriate qualifications. Specialist equipment for refrigerant gas removal is used and each gram is withdrawn using a dedicated machine, which is in turn weighed using scales and stored in serial numbered/tracked recovery bottles, ready to be recycled back to a virgin state and used once more.

Equipment containing F GAS

Systems containing F GAS include;

  • Mobile/ portable air conditioning system's
  • Stationary systems fitted and unable to be moved
  • Refrigeration units in shops, containers, ships and lorry trailers 

It's illegal to let F GAS into the atmosphere. Doing so can lead to prosecution, but not only that, it has a lasting effect on the environment which we all have a responsibility to protect.

If you happen to witness someone releasing F GAS into the atmosphere, please report it to f-fassupport@environment-agency.gov.uk.