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‌Fujitsu is a name in the air conditioning world that has been around a long time and totally deserves its good reputation for quality, looks, and value for money. We often attend a customers premises for a pre-planned maintenance to find an old Fujitsu unit still working 15 years plus after the installation date. That in itself deserves recognition and speaks volumes for the manufacturer.

Starting from only 19 decibels the airflow is unbelievably quiet giving you peaceful sleep, uninterrupted television or focus in the office to get that all important work done.

Another great feature is the ability to heat at just 10 degrees, which can give you peace of mind knowing you can leave your property for substantial periods safe in the knowledge that you can come back to find no damp and a well maintained environment.

With today's modern, sleek square edged design a wall mounted unit from the Fujitsu range is an ever popular choice.