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wall mounted panasonic etherea panasonic


‌The Panasonic floor consoles are a favourite of ours to install and are becoming more and more popular in the domestic air conditioning market especially in bedrooms and converted lofts where space, wall pitches and ceiling heights are compromised. Not only are they compact, they look great as well. They can be installed as a split system (single unit) or part of a multi unit configuration.

Panasonic nanoeTM X Technology

Panasonic is well worth another mention on our products range that we install, with the brilliant introduction of nanoe X technology. With the ability to inhibit 99.9% of certain bacteria nanoe X really is a game changer when it comes to air quality, bacteria, and certain virus's. In 2021, when our health has never been so important, the Panasonic Etherea wall mounted and floor console air conditioning units incorporate this technology.

indoor cs z50ufeawa by Panasonic incorporating nanoe X technology