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‌What Climate offer ventilation services. From initial design to installation and cleaning. We can manufacture to fit in many different spaces and environments. Even colour coding materials or grilles to fit our customers requirements.  

There are four types of ventilation systems.

Exhaust Ventilation

This particular type of ventilation uses fans to remove air from indoor areas, removing bad smells, dust, gasses and other airborne contaminants far reducing the risk of being ingested by others. 

Supply Ventilation

Supply ventilation brings in outside air and is typically supplied through ducting and via valves or grilles. Before fresh air is introduced inside its often a good idea to pass through a filter to reduce dust, pollen and other possible contaminants.  

Balanced Ventilation

Balanced ventilation is a combination of both supply and exhaust air running at a simultaneous time. Fresh air is introduced at the same rate that stale air is removed. The two fans are balanced insuring there is neither  a positive or negative air pressure. 

Heat Recovery Ventilation

Heat Recovery ventilation is an energy recovery system which works between two sources at different temperatures. Heat recovery is becoming common and is an efficient way of reducing the demands for cooling and heating in a building. A heat recovery unit keeps rooms and areas ventilated by recovering heat from internal sources and providing fresh air while retaining most of the energy that was initially used to heat.