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Air Conditioning in Ipswich

‌Air Conditioning in Schools

We have been installing Air Conditioning in schools during the half term periods for over 20 years. With a detailed survey considering heat load from various sources including number of pupils/staff, computers, server rooms  direct sunlight, we will work out exactly  what you need and put together a tailed package to keep everyone comfortable during the summer and winter periods.

Server Rooms and Data Centres

Air conditioning in server rooms and data centres has become a necessity.  We understand the importance of regulating the temperature of your equipment to ensure energy efficiency and smooth running of IT equipment.  Without temperature control and costly breakdown can mean lifespan reduction and more importantly communication loss with potential and current customers.


What climate specialise in office air conditioning and offer up to 7 year warranties on all of our installations.  From single unit installations in offices to multi unit configurations controlling large open spaces or individual zone controlled areas, we can bespoke design a system to suit any business.

Shops and Businesses 

You may need air conditioning in you shop or business to keep you and your staff comfortable at the right temperature.  The same applies to products or produce to prevent spoiling.  With a choice of only premium air conditioning equipment we can design, supply and install a unit and system perfectly suited to your environment.  Options include wall-mounted, cassette units, ducted units, floor consoles, chassis units, heat recovery units - but to name a few.

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New Housing Developments 

With A+++ energy rated inverter driven units now available to everyone in your home or new development,  a system can reduce your energy bills and help you live in comfort 365 days a year. All of our units provide both heating and cooling maintaining your perfect climate.

Bespoke designs are available for every room and project management available from start to finish.